Upcycle Studios

Osoite: Copenhagen’s Ørestad, Denmark
Hankeosapuolet: Lendager Group
Valmistumisvuosi: 2019

Upcycle Studios, the latest project by Danish architects Lendager Group, is built on the concept of sharing. The 20 townhouses in Southern Copenhagen provide flexibility for their inhabitants, in which resources can be shared and spaces transformed, but also utilize materials ‘shared’ by decommissioned buildings, turning their construction waste into new resources.

Photo: Rasmus Hjortshøj – COAST

Kestävän kehityksen ratkaisut:
In Upcycle Studios concepts such as symbiosis, resource efficiency and Sharing Economy form the foundation for the new housing.
The result is a composition of repurposed and upcycled materials, each with an embedded history but redefined in their new collective purpose to provide flexible housing for residents of Copenhagen’s Ørestad district.

Materials of the building would have ended up in landfill, or an incineration plant if they hadn’t been upcycled and used in the construction of the townhouses. This helps to drastically reduce the building’s whole-life energy performance, with Upcycle Studios potentially reducing its total CO2 emissions by 60 percent over 50 years.
Upcycle Studios is built on the concept of sharing.