Rouse Hill Town Centre

Osoite: Rouse Hill, NSW
Hankeosapuolet: Civitas, Allen Jack + Cottier, Rice Daubney, Group GSA
Valmistumisvuosi: 2008

The GPT Group’s brief challenged the design team to ensure that the design was firmly embedded in the actual place, including addressing environmental concerns, sustainability issues, the relationship with the wider regional centre, the site context, local heritage, as well as culture and aspirations of its market and local community.

Photo: Brett Boardman

Kestävän kehityksen ratkaisut:
Rouse Hill Town Centre uses around 60% less water than the average retail centre.
That equates to 70 million litres annually, equivalent to 70 Olympic sized swimming pools.

they also use Solar Power panels that generate up to 480,000 kWh of electricity a year. That’s equivalent to the usage of 80 average Australian homes annually.

All retailers at Rouse Hill Town Centre have completed an Ecological Footprint Calculator to help them keep their energy and water consumption to an absolute minimum.

Trees have been carefully selected to provide shade and protection from the sun in summer (with 130,000 seedlings planted), whilst glass has been used in key areas throughout the development to maximise natural light and reduce the need for artificial lighting.

An integrated network of foot and cycle paths weave their way through Rouse Hill Town Centre, and there is also parking for 300 bicycles. Rouse Hill Town Centre has a zero waste to landfill plan, with an objective of recycling 60% of all waste produced.
Rouse Hill Town Centre forms a unique model for the planning and design of a suburban or regional retail centre in Australia.