OPINNÄYTETYÖ: Circular Economy in Architecture – sustainable principles for future design

The aim of this project is to bring awareness about the subject of sustainable design in a modern context and gather this information into one place. Many ideas presented are ones that have been around for as long as people have built buildings, such as material scarcity, resource efciency and reusing existing materials while reducing waste. Some ecobuilding projects that have successfully implemented these ideas will be presented. In the conclusion, I will present certain concrete ideas and methods for bringing about circular thinking into the built environment. A good starting point would be to decide whether a building needs to be demolished, if so, can the elements be reused or recycled, or if designing a new build with renewable raw materials is the best option.
Julkaisija(t): Laura Lammert / University of Oulu / Faculty of Technology / Oulu School of Architecture
Julkaisuvuosi: 2018